Cold Sore Remedy What Works Fast

There’s not much that you can do to improve the look of a cold sore. There’s just no hiding or covering up an unsightly blister parked on the front of your face. But, although there’s no magic pill for getting rid of full blown cold sores quickly, and there’s no way of preventing another one from coming in the future, there is a cold sore remedy or two out there that can actually speed up the healing and take away some of the pain and discomfort.

Act Fast with Any Cold Sore Remedy

Any cold sore remedy you come across will instruct you to take action as soon as you feel that tingle telling you a cold sore is about to come calling. Whether your cold sore remedy of choice is an old fashioned remedy or a doctor prescribed pill, taking action right away, instead of waiting for the blister to form, can decrease the amount of time a cold sore will stick around, and can also keep the cold sore from spreading.

The Petroleum Jelly Cold Sore Remedy

The petroleum jelly cold sore remedy requires you to coat your lip as soon as you feel the cold sore tingle, and keep the area moist with petroleum jelly for as long as the cold sore hangs around. The petroleum jelly will keep the cold sore from spreading and will also keep it from drying up; which often leads to cracking, bleeding and lots of discomfort.

The Benzocaine Ointment Remedy

If you are interested in a cold sore remedy that will not only add moisture, but also more effectively deal with the pain then you might want to try a lip balm with benzocaine. These ointments provide a local anesthetic which affectively numbs the lip area.

The Tea Bag Remedy

Your grandma was right: a tea bag is actually a great cold sore remedy. The tannins found in a moist tea bag actually have some healing power. Use a moist tea bag like a cold compress on your lip for up to ten minutes, and repeat this several times a day. You’ll stop the spread of your cold sore and speed up the healing process.