Cold Sore Remedies – You Can Use at Home

The world today is pestered with different types and kinds of diseases or illnesses. One of the most common health conditions is cold sores. If you have cold sores, there are remedies that you can easily find at home.

Home remedies are not only less costly but oftentimes very effective. Like numbing creams and antiviral pills, home remedies can work just as effectively. There is a great advantage in using home remedies because you can treat the cold sores as soon as it appears. You don’t have to trouble yourself in going to your doctor’s clinic to get prescription medicines and then after that, you would still have to go to the nearest drugstore and purchase the creams. Immediately address your cold sores problem with little effort.

The best thing about home remedies is because they are all natural. First and foremost, you have to monitor your everyday diet. Most of today’s modern diet consists of ready-to-eat foods, food items rich in fats and oils, and junk foods. If you eat these kinds of foods, your body will not get all the needed nutrients and vitamins it needs. So you must start eating healthy food choices from now on. You can ask help from a dietician to help you out in choosing the right types of food to eat.

You would also need to take vitamin supplements and other food supplements to fill in some of the nutrients and vitamins lacking in your diet. There are also certain powder and juices that you can use to treat cold sores. An ice cube is also quite helpful to relieve cold sore symptoms. Not all home remedies work quite well; all you have to do is to choose the right and the best home cold sore remedy that you can use.

The best home remedy is using ice cubes. Once you develop cold sores, you need to apply ice cubes on it immediately. This will slow down metabolism around the cold sore’s local area. Growth will then be slowed down because the virus can’t spread or move easily. Try to apply ice cubes on your cold sores every 10 minutes and keep on doing it for the rest of the day.

In order to reduce pain and the size of cold sores, you can use tea bags, extracts of lemon balm, and aloe. You can purchase these things from a local store at a very cheap price. It would even be best if you can plant some of the herbs in your backyard especially if you have enough planting space. This way, if cold sore occurs, all you have to do is to pick the herbs in your yard.

Avoid drinking too much coffee. Coffee can greatly contribute in the formation of the sores so try to avoid it as much as possible. Instead of drinking coffee, why not try drinking tea instead? Tea are much healthier than coffee.

If you use the herbs and have a healthy eating habit, you can surely fight cold sores. The sores will also tend to heal quicker than usual. So if you want your cold sore treatments to be cheap, easy, and quick, choose the home remedies over the commercial cold sore products.