Cold Sore on Lip? Say Good Bye With These Natural Cures

Have you ever had an annoying cold  sore  on lip? These little blisters hurt a lot and tend to burn even more when you eat certain types of foods or drink sugary drinks. A cold  sore , also known as a fever blister, can infect anyone. These types of blisters develop on children and adults and unfortunately the virus that develops them will be with the person forever.

Symptoms and Causes of Fever Blisters

There are several causes and symptoms that you should be aware of when diagnosing the herpes simplex virus, which is the virus that causes these types of  sores . More often than not you will develop a  sore   throat  and this soreness will follow by soreness within your mouth and sometimes even your lips. This usually occurs by stress so the less stress you have the better off you will be.

Another symptom to look out for is tiny little blisters on the corner of your mouth. You might miss diagnose this for pimples but a trip to the doctor might prove otherwise.

Natural Cures for That Cold  Sore  on Lip

Oil of Oregano: This is a remedy that many people do not know about. This seems to work quite fast as your blister will usually start to diminish after 24 hours. However, the downside to this remedy is that it does cause a bit of a sting so the earlier you put it on the less painful it will be. If your blister is already fully developed then this is not a remedy to go with.

Aloe: This is another well known plant that has healing abilities. The great thing about using aloe is that you can simply buy some aloe gel and take it with you on trips. Aloe Vera starts working right away and helps prevents baby fever blisters from blossoming.