Cold Sore Lip Treatment – Cold Sores on the Mouth

A lot of people do not know how to treat a cold sore (fever blister) outbreak. There are several key methods that are extremely effective in the healing process of an outbreak. At the first sign of a cold sore you must put ice on it until it completely melts, this will prevent swelling and reduce redness. Preventing swelling drastically reduces the time it take for the sore to heal.

The next thing to do is to pop the vesicles with a pin and squeeze the virus out, make sure it is sterilized and that you wash your hands frequently, at this time the fever blister is extremely contagious. Once all the virus is out, dab hydrogen peroxide on the sore several times every half hour, this will dry out the sore and promote the cold sore to heal. If done correctly, the fever blister should appear at most as a little red dot or scab, if not repeat these steps. If a red dot or a scab appears at this time you can put a warm tea bag on it. The herbal properties in tea are anti oxidants which support the immune system and helps the skin to heal, it also reduces redness and makes the fever blister pretty much unnoticeable. For best results repeat his step several times.

There are many ways for cold sores to heal, it is evident that the most efficient and safest treatments are natural. They are inexpensive, work very well and cause no negative side effects. Holistic treatments are best for healing a fever blister as they cure the body as a whole, allowing the immune system to defeat the virus and prevent further outbreaks.