Cold Sore Experiment to Happen!


When I got out of bed this morning I was smacked by that nasty tingling sensation you get whenever a cold sore is about to breakout For people who do not experience cold sores it may seem like a really small issue, for many who suffer it may be a different story. While I have experienced with every medicine in the marketplace through the years I'm still no nearer to preventing the breakout's! One of the most troublesome thing about treatments they show on the telly is they never work well, at least they did not for me in any case! The solutions and creams on TV have never helped me and I'm still to discover someone that approves of them! No wonder I never see a money-back guarantee with any of these cold sore lotions!

It's so frustrating when you know an outbreak is about to occur and nothing that you can do will prevent it from taking place! For two weeks I'll be stuck with a cold sore and my social interaction will disappear! My social interaction ceases to exist and I attempt to stay in my home just as much as I can through the two weeks that it is noticeable! Should you search online then every different source of information and facts states something different when trying to deal with cold sores. Do you dry it, soak it, leave it alone, pick at it, irresistive of where you look the advice differs!

Recently I happened to be trying to fair share of home remedies, some of them appear to have no medical evidence behind them at all but I decided it would be worth a go! I tried ice through the last episode I had but that was about as effective as the creams you can purchase, which of course, is not very good at all. I additionally lemon balm, tea tree oil, aftershave, rubbing alcohol and salt to mention just a few. Lots of the do-it-yourself solutions had zero medical backing and so I stayed far from them and only tried the ones with research behind them. So far none have really appeared to work!

My next experiment is to change my life style completely, eat correctly, no alcohol, exercise much more and find out if this changes anything at all. I had been expecting that despite preventive measures will work far better than post-tingle measures which in all honesty, has not worked at all before! I will spend the following 3 months on a regular diet and exercise program with the hope of reducing the cold sore episodes I do not expect a cure for cold sores anytime soon and therefore this is really the best option left open to me at this time.

While we all wait for a cure I will carry on my objective of stopping cold sores from appearing, beginning with this 90 day challenge in the morning. I will do my best to update you with any news relating the challenge and whether or not I saw any advantages from it.