Cold Sore Cures – What Can You Do To Cure A Cold Sore

Cold sore cures are now big business. Why? Well because cold sores can be a big problem at the best of times, but it is even worse if they are chronic and re-occurring regularly. And, have you noticed that cold sores always seem to pop up when there is an event happening in your life, like a new date or a wedding day or job interview. Not only can you feel embarrassed, but also these cold sores can be really, really painful. And when they do occur most people just want to get their cold sore cured asap. Now, obviously if you have cold sores you want to be able to find an effective cold sore cure at once, but there are so many drug companies out there trying to get your business that they can confuse the heck out of you, and then when you throw in some of the myths about cold sore cures it gets even worse. So lets have a look at what cold sores are and what we can do to quickly cure one if needed.

Cold Sores

Well, as you are probably well aware, a cold sore is a painful, fluid-filled tiny blisters that appear on the lips and around the nose. Now although these are part of the herpes family it does not necessarily mean you have caught it through sexual activity. In fact children under the age of ten are known to have cold sores. And please do not feel to embarrassed if you do have one as they are very common indeed. Now when you get a cold sore it can last anywhere up to two weeks and sometimes longer, and during this period the cold sore is very contagious and can be passed from person to person through skin contact by things like kissing, touching or oral sex. Also, something else to be aware of is they can spread through non skin contact by sharing eating utensils or even things such as towels or pillows. So please remember that a cold sore is very contagious and act with a little bit of caution for others that you may have close contact with. Also bear in mind that once you are infected with it, the virus remains with you for a life, so effectively you can only treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Cures For Cold Sores

So, if you find yourself with a cold sore and you want to cure it quickly, then it is best to get your hands on some kind of cold sore cure at once. Now, as I have already said, there is no permanent cure for cold sores, however, there are remedies you can use that will reduce the severity and frequency of them. Of course, when a treatment can do this it is bound to be greatly in demand. And, the good thing is if you give immediate treatment to you cold sore, it should ( fingers crossed ) only take a matter of days before cold sores are healed. So when you start feeling that there is some pain and discomfort, then the very first thing you can do to slow it down is to put ice on the affected area. Once you have done this then you need to get your treatment going straight away.