Cold Sore Care – How to Lessen Cold Sore Swelling Quickly!

Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) and once contracted or your first outbreak has happened there is no cure for the virus; however there are ways to treat the cold sores quickly and help them heal faster. There are also preventative techniques you can use to help the process along and make sure you are feeling your best and look amazing at all times. You also need to consider the contagiousness of the virus and work with your doctor on a plan to help make sure you don’t spread the virus to friends and family. Even when you do not have an active outbreak you can pass the virus, but there are medications that can help suppress the virus and prevent you from spreading it.

One the best ways to lessen the swelling of a cold sore and bring instant relieve is with a cold compress. This will reduce the swelling in the area and decrease the redness which will also help make it less noticeable instantly. This can be used at work, on the go or just before leaving for an important event. You can use this technique everywhere, as many times as needed, whenever you need to. You will not make the cold sore go away, but with a little help you can feel better and help the cold sore to be less noticeable.

Other ways to reduce swelling and redness with cold sores is to use an over the counter (OTC) pain reliever like you would for other injuries. These can also help reduce fevers, if you are experiencing that as well. OTC topical creams and gels, like Benzocaine and Lidocaine, are great for reducing pain, preventing painful cracking and drying, as well as reducing swelling. Your doctor can prescribe a stronger version of these, but if you want to avoid a doctor’s visit and still find relieve from swelling and redness, this is a great way to do it.

While, you cannot cure the virus that causes cold sores, you can find ways to reduce the symptoms and help yourself feel better and look more amazing to give yourself the confidence to go on with your day and accomplish what you need to do.