Cold Sore Blisters and Herpes Rash Due to Herpes Simplex Virus


Having cold sore blisters on your lip is a difficult problem, both socially and and physically. It is hard to eat as your sore can open and bleed . Even smiling can be rough due to fact that the sore can crack and delay the healing process. Socially, people want to hide out during a cold sore and this is not possible due to obligations of work, school and family life.

On top of this, some people will get a rash on their body called erythema multiforme minor which is generaly caused by the hsv virus . Ninetly percent of people with erythema multiforme minor have it caused by hsv 1 virus. The rash can be itchy and it may also recur. Fortunately , it doesn’t leave scars. Building your immune system up will help with preventing future recurrences of both cold sores and the herpes rash.

Because the virus is always with you once you get it, be careful to not share cups, toothbrushes or kiss others, especially during the flare ups when the virus is most contagious. Also don’t touch your sore and put in contact lenses afterwards without washing your hands thoroughly or using a santizing gel. There is a form of herpes called occular herpes which can spread to the eye and be dangerous.

Taking lysine , avoiding sunlight on your lip (unless you use spf) and improving the immune system is important. You can shorten the life of cold sores with antivirals that are natural as well as prescription antiviral medications. Be sure to take supplements if you feel you are getting a cold or are exposed to one as many people get a cold sore blister outbreak right when they get sick. Stress is a big factor too so pace yourself before taking tests or giving a presentation so you don’t get into feelings of panic as you approach the deadline. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for cold sores that will shorten their life and prevent further recurrences.