Cold Sore Alert – Are You Eating These Foods For Cold Sores?

Curious about foods that might cause or prevent oral herpes cold sores? If so, you are smart. What you eat has a huge impact on cause and prevention of your cold sores. This article does not contain specific meals and recipes. It does reveal some delicious foods and treats that do help prevent oral herpes cold sores. And it also tells you of foods to avoid when experiencing a cold sore. But, most important, in a minute you will know how to balance these two types of foods to enjoy life with less cold sore interruptions.


Cold sores are the end result of the herpes simplex virus replicating itself. It works in this way. The herpes simplex virus cannot reproduce. It is a parasite type pathogen. When active, a herpes simplex virus particle will enter a nerve cell at the surface of your lip or nose. The virus particle takes control and forces the cell to create copies of itself. Once the cell is full or exhausted, the original virus destroys it to release all the newly created virus. The destruction of many cells at the same time creates the cold sore crater.


Lysine and arginine are two very common amino acids (proteins) that have a measurable effect on cold sores. Lysine is the good guy – arginine is the bad guy. Arginine is the main protein needed to build new herpes simplex virus. Herpes simplex virus cannot replicate if arginine is not available. Arginine has many good uses too. Your cells store arginine in certain receptor areas within the cell. It will use this protein for many functions but will draw on it if forced to create herpes virus. Lysine is a lot like arginine in many ways. But lysine will not work to create herpes virus. Your cells use the same storage area to keep supplies of lysine.

Fact is, your cells will push out the arginine to make room for more lysine. Flooding your body with lysine is your key to success here. If the herpes simplex virus senses that there is not sufficient arginine in your cells, it will give up and go back into hibernation.


Most foods contain both proteins. Some are higher in lysine. A ratio of 2 to 1 of lysine to arginine is the preferred balance. That means two milligrams of lysine for every one milligram of arginine. Foods that contain higher levels of lysine include most meats – particularly fish, beef, turkey and chicken. Eggs and dairy products are high in lysine also.

These include cheese and yogurt. Some cheeses are exceptional. Good Wisconsin cheddar cheese has a ratio of about 2.3 to 1. Ricotta cheese is also extremely rich in lysine. If you like fish, then flounder is for you. It offers an amazing 14,000 milligrams of lysine per 450 grams (about one pound). Flounder is great tasting and of high quality.


These are the foods that are higher in arginine and encourage cold sore activity. Nuts of all sorts – grown in trees or on the ground – are high in arginine. Most common grains such as wheat and oats contain more arginine that lysine. Also sunflower and sesame seeds, although quite nutritious, contribute to higher arginine in your cells. Most vegetables and beans provide less lysine and more arginine. Of particular interest are carrots, radishes, eggplant and cabbage. Chocolate is extremely high in arginine.


Many of the foods to avoid for cold sores are also very nutritious and important to good health. To best balance your diet, keep eating the vegetables and legumes – but add more high lysine foods to your diet too. Most folks use lysine supplements (500-milligram capsules) as a cold sore treatment. Supplements can provide additional lysine when you don’t want to change their diet.

Common dosage during a cold sore is about 4000 milligrams (eight capsules) spread out through the day. Between cold sores many take a capsule a day to help reduce or prevent future events. If you get a lot of cold sores, or the ones you get are quite severe, then you should be flooding your system with lysine. It is a great cold sore treatment. Lysine will definitely hinder or prevent the herpes simplex virus from creating cold sore damage. You may even find it will stop your oral herpes nightmare for good.