Cold Calling Methods to Radically Increase Sales

Cold calling methods that are new and effective are hard to come by. Why? Well because there is only so much you can do on the phone and cold calling methods have been around so long that most people are immune to them. But there is a solution.

Consumers today are not going to fall for the old cold calling methods that your sales manager is teaching you. So what do you do?

What you need to do is to find new ways to market and get your message across to your prospects. I find that the most effective way to sell is not by cold calling but by using marketing to supplement and even totally replace cold calling.

So your new cold calling method is not on the phone but off the phone. Here's what you need. You need targeted advertising to reach hundreds if not thousands of people that allows the individuals who are interested a way contact you or submit their contact information to you so you can contact them. Sound difficult? If it does do not worry, because it's not.

Advertising could be anything from banner ads, websites, magazine and newspaper articles, signs, direct mail, flyers, blogs, etc, etc. All these methods even work for local markets so do not worry. There are literally hundreds of ways to advertise and a lot of them are free if you know how to do it. See, we're already coming up with new "cold calling methods."

Once you figure out what advertising method you want you need to funnel them into one source. This will allow you to track, test, and improve your marketing. Once you have all your advertising going to one source you need to get their information or compel them enough to contact you. This again is easier than it sounds once you figure it out.

After you have this system in place all you have to do is respond to the people who call you and contact the people who have sent you their information. And there you have it, no more cold calling. Plus, you are now selling to highly qualified and interested leads. This puts you in such a position of power. I would take that over over any other cold calling method any day.