Coconut Oil – Nature’s Powerful Anti-bacterial

Food poisoning. Flu. Throat infections. Urinary tract infections. The root cause of these (and many more) illnesses is bacteria. For something like the flu or food poisoning, you usually just have to ride it out. Miserably. For the others, there are antibiotics. The problem with those are, they also kill good bacteria. The good bacteria that is responsible for helping us to digest our nutrients, giving us a feeling of general well-being. Not something that I personally want killed. How about you?

As a result, yeast (such as Candida) tends to grow unrestrained, since it is not affected by antibiotics. Isn’t there a better way? It just so happens there is!This is where virgin coconut oil comes in. The fatty acids in this magical oil are powerful fighters of bacteria! They are known to kill bacteria that causes many illnesses. Viruses are very hard to kill, because they are what you call ‘supergerms’. Antiviral drugs can reduce the severity of these types of infections, but they cannot eliminate them.

With coconut oil, the fatty acids destroy the bacteria causing the illness, safely and naturally, while leaving the good bacteria intact. If you feel you’re coming down with something, take one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, then repeat every few hours until you feel better. This sounds too good to be true, but I have personally tried this method, and now I’m a believer. You just have to try it! An even better method is to take two to three tablespoons per day in order to prevent these things. It’s also just an overall great way to boost your general health. There are so many great health benefits and so many uses for coconut oil. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love the results as much as I do!