Clotrimaderm cream: Topical Cream for Fungal Infections


People suffer from a number of fungal infections; these infections mostly affect the skin. Clotrimaderm cream is the topical medication used to treat these fungal infections. It is marketed commercially under the name Clotrimaderm cream, while the main essential constituent of this is Clotrimazole.

This is a prescription drug and can be purchased at any drug store over the counter. However it’s most important that one consults the doctor before using this cream. It is most important to take the recommendation of the physician when using the drug on children. Clotrimaderm cream is used to treat a few fungal infections and hence one should consult the doctor to know about the right usage and dosage.

Pregnant ladies and nursing mothers should consult the doctor before using Clotrimaderm cream. Another important thing to bear in mind is that using or stopping the use of this cream should be done only after consulting the doctor. The commonly seen side effects include rashes, itch, redness, skin irritation and hives. The skin irritation can be seen in the form of blisters, peeling of the skin, burning and stinging sensation and swelling. In case of any side effects or allergies the doctor must be notified immediately.

The usage of Clotrimaderm cream should be done as prescribed by the doctor. It should be kept away from the reach of children. This cream should be used on only the affected area on the skin. Care should be taken while applying the cream around the mouth and nose. Contact with eyes must be avoided completely.

Clotrimaderm cream should be stored in a cool and dry place and used as per dosage. The dosage varies from person to person depending on the degree of infection. One should make sure to inform the doctor if the patient suffers from any other medical conditions and allergies and if they are taking any other medication. Notifying the doctor about this is important because this will help reduce the risks and complications that could arise due to drug interactions.

Clotrimaderm cream is a well known drug and at the same time it is widely considered as the best option for most of the strange diseases that you might come along. It is always advised to buy these drugs at a reputed Online Drugstore, as you can save a lot of time and money. You can click here to Buy Clotrimaderm cream without prescription