Clinical Psychotherapy Treatment Modalities

Clinical Psychotherapy Treatment Modalities

By Beverly Howze, PhD

Treatment Modalities:

Individual Psychotherapy is a treatment modality where a patient and Beverly Howze, PhD talk together on aTreatment Modalities regular basis, looking at feelings and thoughts that are causing symptoms or problems in the patient’s life. During the treatment, the patient and Dr. Beverly Howze may explore historic and current relationships, transitions, phases of life issues and stressors. The treatment consists of using this information to understand ineffective or problem patterns of emotional and behavioral response and changing them for the better.

Dr. Beverly Howze  has found that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a present-focused, relatively short –term psychotherapy. It has been empirically validated to treat a variety of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, and eating disorders. The focus of the therapy is on your thoughts (i.e., “cognitions”), behavior, and emotions. Though your early childhood experiences may help explain the origin of your present problems, CBT focuses on how you are thinking, behaving, and communicating today, explains Dr. Beverly Howze. It is a collaborative approach to therapy where together with Dr. Beverly Howze you will develop a list of targeted problems for intervention which you will work toward improving in session and through homework outside of session. Homework may include things like keeping track of your thoughts, moods and behaviors, scheduling and completing activities, challenging negative thoughts, practicing relaxing breathing (i.e., diaphragmatic breathing), changing how you interact with others or other individualized assignments. Research has shown that patients who do their homework achieve faster improvements and are better able to maintain their gains.

Medication Management is provided by a medical doctor and is focused on the alleviation of biologically based psychiatric symptoms that interfere with functioning, states Dr. Beverly Howze. After an individualized medication evaluation, the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication(s), review and monitor the therapeutic effects and possible side effects. The doctor may also order appropriate laboratory tests and/or refer a client to other specialists for further medical evaluation and/or treatment. Medication management is often conducted in conjunction with psychotherapy, provided by Dr. Beverly Howze.