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Class 4 cold laser therapy is a breakthrough in back pain relief. Using this therapy, many back pain sufferers have reported pain reduction as much as 75% from just One treatment.

Thousands of people in the U.S. suffer from chronic back pain. Many have tried chiropractic in the hope that it would alleviate their pain, and some have gone as far as back surgery to try and eliminate their pain

Unfortunately, over 66% of the time, these methods fail, simply because the real cause of the majority of back pain is tissue damage.

The Avicenna class 4 cold laser is the first medical device to actually heal tissue, which causes immediate pain reduction, and speeds up healing by as much as 200%.

Invented in 2003, the Avicenna class 4 therapeutic laser “HP 7.5” is the first class 4 laser to be approved by the FDA.

High powered laser therapy is safe, pain-free, and non-invasive. you can usually expect to recieve treatment about three to five times a week directly after your injury. Treatments are very soothing, and when the laser is moved over the affected area, a small warming sensation is all the patient feels.

muscle injuries, neuralgia, neuropathy, bulging discs, herniated discs, and sciatica are several of the major conditions that laser therapy has amazing results with. Many people have been able to avoid having back surgery, or laser spine surgery.

Sports teams are also using Laser therapy to speed up recovery for athletic injuries. This include profeesional teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB

There are only 100 laser therapy centers in the United States

Dr. Buhrman is the only Doctor in Pinellas County FL with the Avicenna laser.

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