Clean Teeth Help Fight Heart Disease

Every time you watch TV, you always see commercials endorsing brand of toothpaste or a brand of toothbrush. Of course, these commercials were meant to bring profit to their companies and at the same time, promote oral hygiene to all people. Oral hygiene is a very important thing to be observed. Starting from when you were still in pre-school, you teachers have been teaching you the importance of brushing your teeth. They even tell you to brush your teeth for three times a day. Now, brushing your teeth three times a day is no longer enough. Most people eat more than three times a day and the number of times you eat in a day should also be the number of times you brush your teeth. That is what our teachers before have taught us: Brush your teeth every day after each meal. You all know, three meals a day, sometimes, are not enough.

Having good oral hygiene is also important in practical situations. An example is when you are supposed to have a job interview. You would not want to appear disgusting and not presentable to your employer. You must want to impress your employer in any possible way. Having a good oral hygiene is a part of being well-dressed and being presentable. Another example is when you are going on a date with someone. You would be having a lot of speaking and smiling to do during your date. That's why a good oral hygiene is very significant. You will be embarrassing yourself if he sees that you have an unclean set of teeth.

Those are just some of the practical reasons why it is important to have a clean teeth but a lot of people do not know that having poor oral hygiene can increase the probability that you would acquire a heart disease. At first glance, you might think that having clean teeth does not have any connection with the presumable condition of your heart. But experts have found out this year that having clean teeth can reduce the risks of acquiring heart diseases.

Heart diseases kill millions of people every year. Some get them because of heredity and some develop them through time, by eating foods which are full of cholesterol. Now, we will see that we can also get them because of poor oral hygiene. Based on the researches which have been conducted recently, results showed that accumulated plaque on and between our teeth can produce bacteria. These bacteria, when not removed, can lead to infections which would eventually result to having gum diseases. Researches did not end there. Cardiologists also found out that gum diseases help in the development of a heart disease in a person's body. Your blood vessels might experience a prolonged inflammation due to bacterial infections which have developed in your gums. The bacteria present in your gums might also be the ones which could contribute to your probable heart disease.

With those research-based facts, you can really say that it is really important that we observe proper oral hygiene. It has been proven that do not only get heart disease from eating fatty foods and from the genes of your parents. You can also get heart diseases from having teeth which are filled with plaques and tooth decays. Sometimes, people tend to neglect the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums, At an early age, it really is vital that parents teach their kids to take care of their teeth. It is also vital that you remind yourself every now and then to have regular dental check-ups. This could help in maintaining the perfect condition of your teeth. Having regular dental check-ups could require a little amount of money but you will find out later on that the money that you have been spending could all be worth it. It would be also helpful to get your teeth cleaned by your dentist time after time. After such, you would be certain that you have already reduced your risk of getting a heart disease. By doing so, you did not just have healthy gums and clean set of white teeth to show to your employer or to your date, you even got yourself a healthier heart.