Cirrhosis Diet Plan: Add These 3 Foods Into Your Plan

If you’re suffering from liver cirrhosis, then you probably want to find a cirrhosis diet that will allow to get your body back on track and feeling healthy again. And is that even possible? Well, yes, it is possible. Removing certain foods from your diet (unhealthy fats, salt and alcohol are a few) are important, but so are adding some nutritious foods. Here are three to add right away:

#1. Proteins, but not just any proteins. Low or no-fat milk, eggs and beans are great proteins because they don’t create ammonia like some other proteins (such as red meat), and they’re high in iron. Oh, and shove down that tofu too. Really, it’s not so bad. 🙂

#2. Fats. Yes, I said fats. Despite the anti-fat campaign that’s brainwashed so many of us (I’m still trying to come out of it myself), not all fats are bad. In fact, some fat is essential to your life, and especially to your liver. But it has to be the good kinds of fats. The ones found in avocados, nuts and fish. Not the ones found in cakes, desserts and fried foods.

#3. Hard-boiled eggs. And not just on Easter. One per day. Eggs are amazing for your body anyway, but especially for someone with liver cirrhosis. The B vitamins in the egg is known to help regenerate liver tissue. You can add it to salad, or eat it all by itself, whichever way you choose.

Again, three important things to add to your cirrhosis diet are proteins high in iron but low in ammonia, healthy fats, and hard-boiled eggs. All of these three things can help your body get stronger and allow your liver to take a rest from the toxins.

Now, if you’re thinking that you need something to help guide you through a proper cirrhosis diet plan, including delicious recipes, then you’re in luck. All you need to do is follow the link. Really, it’s not so hard to reverse the effects of liver cirrhosis. Don’t believe me? Just try it.