Chronomentrophobia – The Fear of Clocks

The world is full of oddities and phobias which are only experienced by a tiny number of people but for them can be a serious problem in their lives. While many phobias are well known and suffered by a number of people, one of the rarest and most obscure of the many phobias out there is Chronomentrophobia which is the a rational fear of clocks.

Of course, this is closely related to time. There are quite a few people who constantly look at the clock for a number of reasons, but often because of a paranoia with regards to the time. Some people have a paranoia about being late for work or getting up at the right time of the morning. Other people have a particular phobia for a certain time of day. All of this can come down to the fear of clocks, or also the fear of time.

There are many different reasons why a phobia can exist but it is usually due to something that happened earlier on in your life. Sometimes there is no apparent reason for a certain phobia to take place and it is often something that you start to happen during childhood.

Getting over a phobia is not as difficult as you might think. While all phobias a slightly different, getting over one basically requires you to reprogram your brain. Confronting your fears head on will ultimately serve to wake you up and eradicate the illogical fear that you have in the sub consciousness of your mind.

Particularly serious phobias can be combated by a variety of psychological methods. One popular method of getting over a phobia is that of hypnotism although it remains rather controversial and unproven by the world of science. Ultimately, the best way to overcome a fear is by facing it and doing everything that you can to try to teach herself that your fear is irrational and illogical.