Chronic Pain – How to Heal With Spiritual Prescriptions (Part Two)

Part two of a series, this article looks at our option and ability to 'go inward "to access our own innate healing abilities – rather than surrender the income to someone else.

While everyone has the option to have their own best healer, it is not a choice that many have faith and trust in. We've been professionally trained to seek outside ourselves for health and healing.

Ayurvedic medicine, the world's first and oldest system of medicine and healing, states that all illness is caused by a failure of intellect. As odd as this may sound I believe this to be true. With the core beliefs and the stories we make up in our minds, (which are usually rooted in one of the three universal fears), we create physical, mental, emotional, and energetic constrictions in our mind, body, and spirit.

When we decide to unlearn these beliefs about ourselves and the world we unlearn fear. We move toward self-love and our Divine health state.

–We stop accepting fear based medicine and media.

–We stop accepting and believing societal systems that are designed to control us and make "big money" for special interest groups and businesses.

Even in the holistic healing community I've seen fear-based practices used to keep clients "coming back for more" … more therapy, treatments, and herbs.

When I made a conscious choice and decision to get out of my wheelchair and heal my body I also chose to stop believing that worker's compensation and disability systems were designed to support me, or anyone else, for long-term health and prosperity.

I stopped stop settling for the lies and I move toward the truth:

We are energetic creatures filled with a magical, mystical divine life force created by love, destined for the full expression of itself as peace, health, and happiness.

If I can do it, anyone can! You just need the right tools and support.

There is divine order in our bodies, please appearances. Our bodies know how to be healthy. We can let go of believing that we are not worthy of vibrant health or that our bodies are going to break down and turn against us We recognize that we do not have to earn it, beg or pray for it. It is our natural and divine state and birthright. All we have to do is allow it.

How do we allow it? We allow it by aligning ourselves with the truth. We go within, unravel the false beliefs and choose to move toward our wholeness. This is how we become our own best healer and inner authority and stop giving away out power.

This is what I came to know on my 10 year journey. I share the insights that I learned and the tools I used in my book, "God is a Pink Cloud". I was forced and guided by God / Spirit to look inside myself. I was given the opportunity. We are all given the opportunity. But our current beliefs and free will often distract us from it. If you are living with chronic pain or illness your solution may just be a spiritual prescription, not a medical prescription.