Chronic Infectious Mononucleosis – Can it Be Caused by Emotional Stress?

Having chronic infectious mononucleosis can be a very worrying and frustrating time. Many people have taken the time out to rest their body, drink plenty of water, eat healthily and take the right supplements, however their symptoms still prevail.

In these situations it is possible that chronic mono is being exacerbated by emotional stress. According to best-selling author Louise Hays who wrote “You Can Heal Your Life”, recurrent illness is the body’s way of expressing limiting beliefs and ideas. Hays has stated that the Epstein Barr virus that causes mono is a stress virus caused by pushing beyond one’s limits.

Hays believes that chronic infectious mononucleosis arises from a fear of not being good enough and striving to be perfect. I know that may of my chronic mono patients have Type A personalities – they set high goals for themselves and have to rush around in order to achieve them. Their perfectionist streak means they are not satisfied unless everything is done 100%.

Different symptoms can reveal more about the emotional links to illness. Let’s have a look at the common symptoms seen in chronic infectious mononucleosis and how they relate to emotional stress.

Recurrent sore throat

The throat area is said to represent the ability to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we want in life. If we feel inadequate in requesting what we need, then sore throats can result. This emotional blockage of not standing up for oneself is common in carers like mothers, wives or people who live their lives for others. The recurrent sore throat is a result of not doing what you really want in life.

A severe sore throat like that seen in laryngitis can represent anger. This anger can arise from not following your heart’s desire and doing what you want in life. Anger can also come from the feeling of not receiving love and attention from those around you.

Swollen glands

Recurrent swollen glands are common in chronic infectious mononucleosis. They may indicate a problem with being stuck mentally with clogged ideas or holding yourself back from reaching your full potential.


Relapsing fatigue is the most common symptom seen in chronic infectious mononucleosis. It can represent boredom, resistance or lack of love for what one is doing. If any of these symptoms and emotions strike a chord for you, then it is well worth while having a chat to a trained counselor or psychotherapist.