Chronic Cough in Children

Cough is a common ailment which most people experience as a reaction to entry of foreign particles in the respiratory system. Different types of cough depending on the factor causing them are hacking, mucus producing or dry. Cough accompanying cold or sore throat lasts for few days. Persistent cough is termed as chronic cough.

Some causes of chronic cough are:

• Production of mucus which will irritate the throat.

• Asthma which is a disease of the wind-pipe with symptoms like breathlessness, wheezing and persistent coughs. This gets triggered by dry or cold air, pollution in the surroundings and strong smelling odors.

• Infection of respiratory system like pneumonia or bronchitis which can lead to congestion in the chest and cough.

• Acid reflux disorder which is caused by seeping of acid from the stomach in to the esophagus and throat after eating causing irritation in the throat.

• Allergens in food or the environment.

Treatment includes physical examination, tests and X-ray to identify the cause and administration of medication to suppress cough. Symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia can be treated with medicines. Asthma can be treated with medicines or spray, acid reflux can be treated with H-2 blockers or antacids, and allergies can be prevented by staying away from the allergens.

Some of the home- made cures for chronic cough are ingestion of honey regularly, having a mix of honey, warm water and lemon juice; having milk with a pinch of turmeric; and ensuring ingestion of Vitamin-C in the form of citrus fruits like lemon and orange to build a strong immune system.