Chronic Bronchitis

Fighting chronic bronchitis

Health is considered to be a key to a long life. But in present world, where people have adopted a sedentary lifestyle, being healthy has become very difficult. Every year, millions of people die from some disease or the other. One of such diseases which pose a major threat to human health is chronic bronchitis. To make matters worse, many people ignore the basic symptoms of the disease thinking that it will be cured automatically with time. Thus, the treatment of chronic bronchitis at the right time is necessary so that it is not too late to be cured.

Chronic bronchitis occurs due to the bronchi’s chronic inflammation. In medical terms, it is defined as a chronic cough that produces mucus and phlegm and is persistent for more than three months in two years consecutively. The bronchi’s inflammation causes its lining to swell and secrete sticky mucus in excessive amounts. This restricts the normal airflow. The symptoms related to chronic bronchitis are breathing problems, wheezing and cough that comes with sputum, chest pains, fatigue malaise or fever may also occur. The main cause behind this disease is tobacco smoking. Inhaling fume for a long period of time and Pneumoconiosis also contributes to the cause. To diagnose the disease, various tests like X-Ray of the chest, pulmonary function and blood test can be done. After the disease has been diagnosed, the necessary treatments have to be started. For the treatment of chronic bronchitis, it is better for the patient to quit smoking as smoking causes further lung damage. For medication, bronchodilators come as a simple option. Bronchodilators reduce the bronchial secretions so that the airflow obstruction is reduced. They are inhaled like aerosol sprays. Steroids which are taken as aerosol sprays, also give some relief. But it comes with side effects of high blood pressure, cataracts, etc. Antibiotics may also help fighting against the disease. In some cases, surgery in which tiny wedges of the damaged tissues of the lungs removed are done. Chest physiotherapy or chest percussion is also recommended after the bronchodilator treatment. It includes clapping the back to loosen the thick secretions so that they are easier to expel. Postural drainage which uses gravity to remove secretions is also useful.

It is always better to take precaution that paying the price. But not in every case of chronic bronchitis do precautions come handy. In such cases, the treatment of chronic bronchitis becomes a necessity as health is the real wealth.