Chronic Back Pain and Upper Back Pain Relief

If you need upper back pain relief at the moment, you may find this article very helpful. 9/10 adults will suffer from chronic back pain in their lives, so it is very important that you get the right treatment straight away. Once we find out the cause we can then finally get:

* Upper Back Pain Relief

* Cure Upper back Pains For Good

* The Upper Back Pain Causes and How To Avoid Them

About Back Pain

Pain in the back comes from many different sources including the nerves, from the joints, the muscles and even from the bones themselves. There are also many different kinds of pain that can be felt from chronic back pain to sharp stabbing pains. It can be like a burning sensation or just a dull ache. It can be in one place or for some people it can move around.

The type of pain is normally split in to different categories. Neck pain, lower pain, upper pain and tailbone pain. These can also effect down in to the leg and foot causing tingling and numbness. It is also split in to categories based on the duration. Less than 4 weeks is classed as ‘Acute’. 4-12 weeks is classed as ‘Subacute’ and greater than 12 weeks is classed as ‘Chronic’. It goes without saying that it can be very frustrating not knowing the best method to relieve the pain.

Lower and Upper Pain Causes

There are many different causes including upper back pain from stress. Stress was only brought to life in the 1930’s by Hans Selye. Stress can cause people to unconsciously tighten up parts of the body which over time will effect the muscles and cause pain. Another cause is the skeletal muscle itself. This can include muscle strains, muscle spasms and muscle imbalances.

One of the main causes of lower pain is from the joints of the spine. This effects 1/3 of people with the lower pain and also in the neck caused by whiplash. These joints become displaced or trapped following a shock or a jolt. Other causes include disk herniation, disk degeneration, joint disease, trauma and cancer.


We will now look at some different treatments that are available to you. The first is short term relief. You can find short term relief with medications like pain killers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory prescriptions. Heat therapy is quite useful for back spasms. Testing has shown that heat therapy is good for acute and subacute lower pain. On the other hand Cold Compression Therapy has been useful for upper back pain relief.

The next set of treatments are known as Conservative treatments. Exercises have shown to be very effective at reducing pain. An effective stretching routine is almost essential in any kind of treatment. Some eastern styles, including acupuncture has shown to be useful for back pain. It is also worth while looking in to the Alexander Technique. Popularized in the 1920’s it is all about correct posture of the spine and has been successful at eliminating all kinds of problems.

For more severe cases, you may also consider surgery. Surgery will normally only be used for the worst cases such as disk herniation, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis or compression fracture.

For more information for an effective solution, whether acute or chronic, visit our back pain site below.