Christmas Check List For Asthma Sufferers


Good advice this winter for asthma sufferers is to take care and avoid exacerbating asthma symptoms this Christmas and winter period,

Going on a ski holiday is a great way to beat the winter blues, but for asthmatics ski holidays are known to negatively affect their symptoms if due care and precaution is not taken.
Cold weather can have a dramatic effect on people with chest problems, on a cold and windy winters day use your reliever inhaler before going out and always wrap a scarf around your face to reduce the effect of cold air on your lungs.

At Christmas a big factor to avoid if you can is stress because this is well known to be a major asthma trigger try to insure that you do not become too over stressed during the festive time, try to plan everything well in time and delegate tasks to other members of the family and this will help to reduce the impact of stress levels on you. but remember controlling stress is not the only factor in controlling your condition there are plenty of items around the home that can trigger an attack.

Christmas tree gather mold from being left out in the open in wet conditions and mold spores are a well known asthma trigger. Ideally one should buy a artificial tree to avoid any mold and always vacuum it to remove dust particles, if you must have a real tree allow the tree to dry completely before bringing it in to the house.

Other things to avoid at this festive time are, artificial snow sprays and fragrance sprays and also fabric decorations should be washed in hot water before displaying this will rid them of any dust that has been gathered while it was in storage, plastic glass or metal decorations should be used as they wont collect dust mites.

Do not forget if you are lucky enough to be going on a skiing holiday this year, get a letter from your doctor outlining your medical history and the severity of your symptoms, also check will any medical insurance you take out will specifically cover an asthma attack and ensure that your medication is carried in your hand luggage with spare supplies in your main luggage.

Fit healthy people with well under control asthma should have no problems coping with high altitudes provided they ascend slowly and recognize their limitations, One more thing .. in freezing conditions prescribed inhalers may not work properly and so should be warm up inside your clothes or hands before you attempt to use them.

The main thing is with the right fore planning, sufferers of this condition should experience a happy and stress free holiday this Christmas.