Choosing Your Sperm Bank

If you and your partner are undergoing IVF, there are some cases here donor sperm or donor eggs are needed. If you are facing the fact that donor sperm is needed, a sperm bank is going to be in the picture. Choosing one can be tricky, but choosing one is essential just as with choosing donor eggs. This can turn your cycle into a successful one or a failure. When choosing one there are some deciding factors you should be aware of.

Is Sperm with the AATB?

There are only a very few number of sperm banks that are registered and accredited with the American Association of Tissue Banks in the country. There are some clinics that claim they meet the requirements and guidelines of this organization but there are some that do not meet them. There are some that haven’t gone through the accreditation process and therefore do not exceed or even meet these guidelines. Just make sure whatever sperm bank you decide on is accredited.

How Long Have They Been Around?

You want to work with a sperm bank that has been in business for a few years at minimum. There are some that are new, but if you have more severe infertile issues you may want to work with one that is more experienced. Make sure they have a long list of previous clients and have positive reviews. That way you know the sperm bank is about you and about your success. This also shows how effective donated sperm is.

What Percentage of People Get Accepted?

You should look into the number of donors that get accepted into the clinic. You should learn about the qualifications that are needed for sperm donors to be accepted to ensure that the clinic or agency is being sort of picky. If they are accepting just about anyone that shows that the sperm may not be the best quality. Learn about what the clinic requires to ensure sperm you are getting is quality.

Research is Important

You may want to sit down and do your homework before making a concrete choice. Choosing any sperm bank is not going to help increase chances of pregnancy. You want sperm that is high quality and a clinic that has had successful patients before. If you are interested in a clinic that has no track record or is new, you may want to see about what they guarantee and use caution.

Do They Track Results?

It’s recommended to use a sperm bank that tracks their success rates or pregnancy rates from sperm donated from that clinic. This is how they keep track of success and earn a track record. This also shows you how well their sperm donated from there has high success of resulting in successful pregnancies.

Compare, Compare, Compare

You should take extra steps to compare prices. Your IVF procedure is going to cost you a lot so you may want to find the clinic with the best quality sperm for the most reasonable rates. Avoid going to low unless they have a perfect track record. Donated sperm is what determines whether you get pregnant or not most of the time.