Choosing the Right Cologne Or Scent For You

Women have an attraction to smell. While the face of one could be lost to memory in a course of time, it is not so with his smell, which lingers on for long in the mind.

All of the coveted scents are a combination of citrus, powder, leather, herbal, musk, fruit, wood, spice and flora. The selection of scents are based on the price, their attractive bottles as well as its smell. Scientifically we can detect only three distinct smells, after which the identification becomes trickier. Here, by checking out the details of a particular scent and the prices, one can arrive at a conclusion. It must be borne in mind that it not you, who will be enjoying the scent, but those around you, particularly the womenfolk.

Next to selection of the right scent, is the efforts to retain the fragrance for longer periods. As heat and water dries the skin – before applying scents, a body lotion to keep the skin moist would be helpful. This lotion moisturizes the skin and helps retain the scent for longer periods. No sooner you take a shower, do not apply cologne generally but only at certain places, called pulse points. Here the blood vessels are closer to skin, generating heat. Wrists, chest, back of the knees, the bend of the elbows and parts behind the ankles are ideal. Ensure that you do not products of contracting smells, which may not go well with each other.

If you are using eau de cologne or eau de toilette, you need a perfume to match what you are using and you can find them, in the same or with a different label. Thus a practical way of using the right combinations would lend the fragrance to hold on for long.

From the above it will be clear that apart from the right COLOGNE for one, one can also keep the fragrance for longer periods by judicious and an intelligent way of applying that gives a great deal of appeal, the real purpose for wearing the same.