Choosing IVF Clinics

Fertility clinics can be heaven sent for mothers who cannot conceive by natural methods. There are plenty of choices to choose from since it is not an equal playing field. Success rates range from ten to sixty percent. Hence choosing the clinic is all the more vital.

The shock of not being able to bear children can be daunting. But you need not fear because IVF clinics have proven success rates. The key to your success is to find the right people.

It is true that most of us look carefully over decisions which could play an important part in your life. When the stakes rise higher, we tend to throw all caution to the wind. This tends to occur when dealing with infertility. That is why choosing an infertility clinic is one of the most important decisions which you will make. A right infertility clinic will have you on your way to parenthood, a wrong one will lead you on a wild goose chase.

Common mistakes to avoid

People normally choose clinics which are the nearest to their homes. Yes, you will need to travel back and forth several times until your IVF treatment is done, but please do not choose a clinic based on that criteria. There are other vital characteristics that one has to take into account of. If the perfect clinic is the one located 300 miles away, you should be open to the idea of staying over at the friend located close to the clinic.


Choosing a clinic just because of a recommendation from a doctor or a friend is a complete no-no. Of course, it gives you a place to start off, but must be ready with an in depth research of your own. What works for one couple will not work for another couple. The resident clinical embryologist will aid you in helping you understand the working of the procedure.

After going through with your preliminary investigative tests, you will have to have a sit-down with your doctor about what happens next. You probably have a good relationship with your doctor and trust his or her decision, but if the recommended clinic does not appeal to you or your spouse, you do not have to pick it.


We always look for the best deals, no matter what the product be. However, price really does not matter when it comes to infertility clinics. What really matters is if. At the end of it all, you achieve your result.

In conclusion, research, research, and some more research! Be sure to check out the Genesis clinic if you happen to be in its vicinity.