Choosing Doctor for a Family Practice

For you and your loved ones it is an extremely important decision when you are choosing a doctor. Family practice doctors can be the health care provider for your family for years to come. A family health professional can deliver babies, give immunizations, clear up teen’s acne and order x-rays on broken bones. Having a general practitioner can be advantageous because your family and this health care provider will really get to know each other. It is multi-generational long term relationship instead of one with a specialist who only gets to know you on one level. For example, a pediatrician will only know you as Junior’s mother. A dermatologist will only know you through acne or Botox injections. The GP will know you on these levels and many more. You are a parent, child, sister, healthy person and sick person, depending on the day you visit and the nature of the appointment. Who you select as the family’s primary health care provider is important indeed. Here are some things to think about:

Philosophical Beliefs

Before selecting a practitioner, it’s important for an individual to take a look at their own beliefs about medicine. Are you a person who is open to alternative approaches such as acupuncture, massage or nutrition changes in order to contribute to well being or energy movement? Or are you a person who believes in prescription drugs to cure almost every ill known to mankind? You will want to select a doc who has aligning philosophies.

Insurance Coverage Acceptance

What type of health insurance does your clan have, if any? Make certain that the physician you are considering takes your healthcare plan and is open to many others. Don’t forget that many patients have changes in their plans and coverage over time. It’s helpful to have a practitioner who is flexible in those coverages that he or she will accept.

Bedside Manner and Communication Style

Not only is an MD’s skill level important, but their personality is, as well. A doc should treat his patients with respect and compassion. There should be a “click” in the relationship where you actually like each other.

Location and Hours

Where is the doctor’s office located? It should be close to your home to allow for convenience and easy accessibility, especially in cases of an emergency or serious sudden illness. Make certain that the available appointment hours will align with your schedule, as well. A practice that’s only open on a couple days a week will make it hard to get in for an appointment.

Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

It is helpful to ask friends, neighbors and co-workers who they would recommend for a physician. Ask them about the doc’s strengths and weaknesses.

Online Ratings

Looking online for medical ratings of doctors is another way to obtain information about possible candidates for your family practitioner.

When a patient finds a Dr. or family practice professional that the whole gang likes including kids and spouse, it can be a wonderful thing. This relationship can add to their well being for years to come.