Chiropractors Relieving Tendonitis

Tendonitis is a common and painful condition that can affect anyone at any time. There are several treatments that you may have already used including rest, ice, over the counter pain medications. You may still be suffering from pain or just stopped doing the activities that cause the pain. Is that any way to live? You may not have considered a good chiropractor for treatment, but you should. Some chiropractor's and physical therapists use a treatment called Graston Technique which has shown great promise in relieving muscle and tendon pain. In fact many professional and college athletic teams use it and all of the US Olympic training centers use it.

Tendonitis typically starts with a small amount of damage which we call micro-trauma. This weakens the tendon and makes that area more prone to further damage in the future. Over time this cycle continues and causes the tendon to become weak and inflexible. The tendon then becomes painful when it is moved or a load is applied. As the tendon damage increases so does the pain. When you rest a tendon the damage is not repaired so typically the pain returns shortly after you resume activity.

Graston technique attempts to address the damage in the tendon to help heal the tendon in a stronger and more flexible manner. The chiropractor of physical therapist uses a series of 6 steel instruments to rub over the sites of injury. This breaks up the damaged tissue in the tendon and causes more blood flow to the area which helps to re-heal the tissue. The Graston technique treatments only last for 3-5 minutes and are then followed by a series of stretches and exercises to help further strengthen the tissue and prevent future damage. There has been promising research that shows Graston technique can help to strengthen damaged tendons by approximately 40-60%. This can buy you enough time for your body to repair the previous damage and allow the tendon to heal in a proper manner. I have used Graston technique for the last 8 years and have seen wonderful results with conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to rotator cuff tears.

Tendonitis does not have to stop you from doing what you love. You do not have to suffer with pain or take over the counter pain medications every day just to function. You may just need to consider alternative treatments like Graston technique from a qualified chiropractor or physical therapist.