Chiropractic Treatment For Shoulder and Arm Pain

At times, shoulder and arm pain occur due to obvious reasons. We do something ourselves by mistake to injure the arm or shoulder and there is a sudden pain. At times, the pain develops in a few days. Eventually, you find out that you may have broken a bone or there might be dislocation in your shoulder.

Over reacting or over exerting your arm like while playing sports, straining tendons or ligaments for too long by carrying heavy weight or lifting heavy things, keeping your arm in different weird positions or sleeping on your shoulder are some of the reasons that can cause shoulder pain and arm pain. The pain may result in irritation and frustration and can end up in making it hard for you to use the arm that is injured. There are very less chances of these injuries to turn into a serious problem.

Shoulder and arm pain can also evolve due to pain in some other part of your body. For example, a person suffering from a heart attack also suffers pain in the left shoulder and left arm. The pain can also be induced from nerves that are associated with the upper spine joints or particular points in the back. These are responsive to spinal adjustments by chiropractors.

Your chiropractor will determine the cause of your shoulder or am pain by doing some tests and conducting diagnosis. It is important to first find out the cause of the pain and then start treatment accordingly as varied situations have varied seriousness and causes. Your chiropractor will also determine if the problem is easy to handle and mild or is serious and will require immediate consideration and will stay for a long time. There are different ways to treat different problems like for broken bones and tendonitis and bursitis. Gout and arthritis are treated differently than pain that originates in nerves supplying the arm and the shoulder. Your chiropractor will be in a position to put you under the right kind of treatment.

Chiropractic treatment can be used to treat frozen shoulder, a bad inflammation which is also known as adhesive capsulitis. Doctors of chiropractic are well trained to treat pain and trigger points that are located between the shoulder and the spine. Professional and novice athletes that injure their arms or shoulders need to undergo proper treatment care and rehabilitation and chiropractors who have additional training in sports medicine can treat them well. Chiropractors also help you by giving advice as to how to change your lifestyle so that you can prevent shoulder and arm injuries in the future.