Chiropractic Pain Management – A Multi Strategy Approach

Many people suffer from disabling pain. Whether they occur from an auto accident, slip and fall or work related injury there can be relief before surgery. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to reduce pain levels and manage pain before using surgical procedures. When a person has chronic pain problem there is a multi strategy approach to getting that person out of pain.

A definitive program should be spelled out and followed in order to achieve maximum results during the healing process after an injury. Here are a couple tips to follow during your quest to defeat pain.

Use it or lose it .
Your body is designed to heal itself and needs to remain active even during a disabled state. What this means is you should remain as active as possible while attempting to rehab an injury and get out of pain. This does not mean force yourself to do an exercise that increases pain. This does mean that make sure you continue to use areas of your body that may be ailing you. You will benefit more by keeping the painful area active if the area is medically stable.

Be proactive
During office visits physiotherapy should be utilized to promote healing the tissue that was injured. It is also important for you to be proactive with your therapy while you are away from the office. Light stretches are a great way to keep an injured area from regression and continue to promote healing. Stretches should be given to you by your doctor to decrease the amount of scar tissue that develops from an inactive area of ​​your body.

Using methods such as moist heat and electrical stimulation therapy are effective for relaxing muscles in spams and providing pain relief. These methods are also beneficial ways to prepare the body prior to receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

Watch what you eat
Making dietary changes may also help decrease pain because eating processed sugar, drinking alcohol and poor dietary habits can increase inflammation in the body. This inflammation can prolong the healing process and increase the pain levels.