Chinese Treatment For Libido – How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is one of the best known Chinese and Eastern alternative medicines. This is despite the fact that its method of function is least understood. It involves puncturing the particular sites in the human body using very fine or thin needles. In this treatment, the human body is assumed to have blood flow that carries with it pockets of energy called Qi. It seeks to balance the flow of Yin and Yang qi.

An uneven flow or blockage of flow of the qi would lead to malfunction of some body parts. This how the poor flow of the energy would also contribute to the poor sex life.

The most important organ in sexuality according to the Chinese is the kidney. This is often referred to as the gate of fire for the human body. A negative or blockage of flow of energy would lead to lack of desire for sex, poor erectile functions and lack of ability to reach orgasm.

Because the Chinese emperors were very particular on sex life, they insisted on their wise men or medicine men conducting the necessary studies to understand the energy flow. This is how they perfected the art of using acupuncture to treat libido problems.

The actual treatment work involves first of all making a diagnosis to determine the points at which the energy flow is low. The person administering acupuncture would check the pulse rate, the blood sugar and blood pressure. In addition to this, it is important that the life and disease history is taken because without change of lifestyle, even the use of acupuncture may not be sustainable.

Besides these conventional patient history, the practitioner would need to identify the point in which there is energy stagnation. This are also associated with points where the blood flow is not efficient.

The needles are then placed in the points where the body flow of energy is poor. These needles are retained in the positions for about 30 to 45 minutes. For treatment of sexual dysfunctions, areas around the sexual organs and the kidney such as the abdomen and hips are punctured. Also the wrists, hands and legs would be punctured for allow for better flow of energy.

The use of acupuncture can be combined with Chinese herbal or aroma therapy in treatment of libido. These would provide corrections for organic deficiencies. Patients who undergo this treatment are also encouraged to take on regular exercises which improve the physical performance of the body.

This treatment is also effective for regularization of female   menstrual   cycle , the improved production of testosterone hormones, and prolonging erection.