Chinese Herbal Medicines – Advantages and Disadvantages

The intake of Chinese herbal medicines is mainly done in three ways. A patient can take them as tablets, as decoctions or as a granule powder. Chinese herbal medicines have their advantages and disadvantages.

One of the advantages is that Chinese herbal medicines have been used and perfected for thousands of years. This is very encouraging since the occurrence of errors while using them is quite rare once the right procedures are followed. Another advantage is that they have energizing properties and life prolonging properties. This makes them usable even for people who are not sick since they have life prolonging capabilities. Another advantage is that the whole concept of traditional Chinese herbal medicines advocates for a more wholesome body recovery. Traditional methods of healing emphasize mostly on taking of the body as an organic being with wholesome integration of the body, mind and soul for a healthy balanced life.

Many people prefer Chinese herbal medicines due to the financial benefits of using them. They are very affordable as compared to going to modern hospitals. There is also the aspect that doctors in the modern hospitals are more money oriented and don’t give the best care to the patients. Traditional doctors are however very gentle and patient with their patients. On the other hand do have disadvantages. These include the fact that due to the high fiber content, they are likely to cause stomach disorders. The traditional methods also lack modern facilities that greatly make the treatment of patients easier, such as the use of anesthetic in the operation of patients and x-ray machines, to detect breakages of bones.

If a person were to buy traditional medicines and accidentally the treatment did not work well or rather caused more harm to the patient, they would not be compensated and would not have anyone to complain to. The lack of working standards of recognition thus hinders the patients from trusting the traditional Chinese herbal medicines. A patient willing to use traditional Chinese herbal medicines may find it very difficult to know the legitimate and efficient medicines. This is because different specialists use different methods of administering the medicines and even use different quantities in mixing of the medicines. There is therefore no basic standard of measurement when it comes to these medicines. The herbs making the traditional herbal medicines also grow in different part of china and under very different conditions. This may be a major factor in causing the difference in the contents of herbs having the same names.