Children's Allergies

Children's Allergies Can Be Troublesome For Parents

Children's allergies can be worrisome for new parents because children are so vulnerable to developing new allergies and their immune system is not fully developed. A child can have symptoms from a food related allergy or from being exposed to something by breathing it in or through direct contact. Its not known why some children grow out of allergies while others do not. Being able to diagnose allergies will quickly help make life more comfortable.

It is difficult for infants under two years of age to communicate allergy symptoms. Of course major symptoms like hives and rashes will be visible for a parent to see but many minor symptoms may not. It is often recommended that parents do not give children peanuts until they are over the age of two and better able to communicate their symptoms.

The effects of children's allergies can be cumulative and can be aggravated by a poor environment. Smoking around children should definitely be avoided. A build up of dust mites or pet dander can also be responsible for triggering allergy attacks in children. Contact allergies can be caused by detergents or by cloth material, all natural materials like cotton are the best choice.

Allergy testing can be done at any age. Skin testing can be used to either rule out or pinpoint the source of the problems. Early diagnosis is the key, once its known which allergen is causing the problem avoidance can in many cases be fairly easy. Thankfully allergy awareness is being more recognized by manufactures and labeling has improved to help consumers.