Children Should Be Protected From Psychotropic Drugs

Tragically, in the USA, where psychiatry holds a bigger sway than in other countries, large numbers of children are being prescribed mind-altering, brain-altering, body-harming drugs as 'treatment' for behaviour that surely does not warrant the risk of adverse effects of the magnitude these drugs carry. The prescribing of these drugs swells Big Pharma's coffers but does not help the child patients, aka victims.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is one of a type of illness invented by drug companies in order to sell their drugs to treat the putative 'illness'. In my opinion, if a child is inattentive or hyperactive, the inattention / hyperactivity is clearly not caused by lack of Ritalin or lack of Concerta, and indeed it has been widely reported that these drugs provide no benefit to children over the long term, despite short-term behavioural improvements,

On the other hand we constantly hear of food additives causing behaviour problems and hyperactivity in children, and we also sometimes hear of children being put onto 'slimming' diets or themselves choosing to eat inadequate amounts of food because of the prevailing foolish fashion for ultra- thin models. Happily, we hear also of great improvements in behaviour and attention span when such children change to additive-free and more nutritious food.

Rather than psychotropic drugs, good nutrition is the best medicine for children. Protecting children from the physical, mental. emotional and spiritual harm that psychiatric drugs cause, and protecting them from entering the dystopian world of psychobabble and self-analysis and the waste of their precious childhood with all this nonsense instead of living the normal, carefree life of a child, is what loving parents should be doing, in my opinion.