Childhood Obesity – Start Early

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was waiting to pick up our three year old granddaughter from a special class at a public school. While I was waiting, school let out and the kids started running around the front lawn. Many of them were overweight and some by quite a bit.

One of the children was walking with her father and they were talking about an afternoon snack. They were going to have popcorn. I have nothing against popcorn, but without it is air popped with no salt, butter or other additives it's not exactly healthy. I also do not think a child would be willing to eat air popped popcorn.

Eating Habits : What our children will eat as they grow up is going to be decided now. Instilling good habits needs to start in the cradle if possible. Making certain our children eat a healthy balance of food is necessary.

You may think I do not know how difficult that is. I'm the mother of two and the grandmother of two. I know what happens when a child does not like a food or even a whole genre of food. It's still important to try.

Healthy Snacks : Some children will enjoy raw fruits and vegetables. Some might like whole grain bread. Not all of them will. We have to use our imagination (and the internet at times) to find something healthy they will eat. It may require effort but it's worth it.

Make Sure About Lunch : Another thing happened yesterday. Our granddaughter did not eat her lunch. I'm not sure why, but she did not and she was cranky.

That does not really change as kids get older. Packing or purchasing a lunch that does not get eaten will mean children will crave something solid and they probably will not be willing to wait until dinner. If your child is a finicky eater, let the child help you choose, purchase and pack the lunch. We were lucky. Our granddaughter is a great fan of raw vegetables and helped polish off the Superbowl veggie platter.