Childhood Obesity is on the Rise


According to childhood  obesity  statistics, childhood  obesity  has more than tripled over the course of the past thirty years. Over 30% of children ages 6-19 years old are either already overweight, or at a high risk of becoming overweight. These childhood  obesity  statistics have shocked not only scientists, but parents as well. In a world full of technology and video games, kids are simply not getting enough physical stimulation. As technology progresses, will childhood  obesity  statistics continue to rise? What can we do to prevent these childhood  obesity  statistics from becoming any greater?

In an age of computers it is crucial that kids find ways to be active. Unfortunately, most children do not even play outside anymore because of their unhealthy addiction to video games. This is a sad thing, which would have been unheard of thirty years ago. The sounds of children laughing and playing are one of the most precious sounds on this earth. As influential adults, it is imperative to provide an environment where children feel comfortable to play and have fun. Video game and computers have their place, but there is not a substitute for healthy, childhood fun. Adults have gyms where they go to exercise in an attempt to be healthy, but for children, they have a outside jungle gym! Additionally, their gym membership is free!

 Obesity  statistics for children state that nearly one-third of children eat fast food every day. Healthy eating is incredibly crucial for a child. When you were a kid, your mom made you finish your vegetables or there was no snack after dinner. However, this generation is not even offered the vegetable. Instead, the junk food is his or her dinner! Healthy eating habits are established through example. It is not fair if you are eating pizza and potato chips for dinner, but your child is forced to eat peas and broccoli. As the adult, you must provide the child an example of healthy living if you expect the child to learn. Be a role model, and make being healthy as fun as possible. Maybe you do not like vegetables, and that is okay! Chances are, the kid will not like them either. If you both may detest how a certain food tastes, take that opportunity to explain to the child how sometimes being healthy is more important than convenience.

If society continues in its negligence to establish healthy living habits within the young generations, childhood  obesity  statistics will continue to rise at a rapid rate. In order to reduce childhood  obesity  statistics, adults must take initiative. Childhood  obesity  statistics will continue to climb if parents do not start making changes in their children’s lives now. While childhood  obesity  statistics are incredibly high right now, just think of the number if we do not instill in this generation the necessities of living a healthy lifestyle. It is crucial, not just for the sake of your children, but your children’s children, that healthy living habits be establish today. Next year’s childhood  obesity  statistics are based upon the choices you make for your child today. Do your part to insure a healthier, happier tomorrow.