Child Obesity Facts and Treatment

Now day’s parents are worried because of their child obesity problems and number of over weight children is increasing day by day. Fattiness in children not only makes them to feel inferior but also causes many harmful diseases in small age like diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, and many more diseases can be gathered around them. Access weight can bring them in depression also. Children’s always take a tension that they are fatty.

Major Causes of Child Obesity

Children take junk food, specifically food with low nutrition and high calories. The physical activities of the children have also reduced as they misuse more time with computers, playing video games and television.

Facts of childhood obesity :-

  • Carelessness in food, alarming increase in the number of children and teenagers developing Type-2 Diabetes (also termed as adult-onset diabetes) due to being overweight.
  • High levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure, that are some main risk factors for development of heart diseases are found in most of the obese children.
  • Sleep Apnea is considered as the most severe problem faced by obese children. In the sleep apnea (interruption of breath while sleeping) may lead to other problems like difficulty in learning and memory.
  • Overweight children are on higher risk of developing liver diseases, orthopedic problems and asthma.
  • 70% oboist teenagers retain their overweight and obese condition even during their adulthood.

Treatment Options

Some of the treatment options of Child Obesity include:

  • Healthy eating – Nutritional diet makes your child healthy not fatty. Be supportive to him to make them take care of their diet and physical activities.
  • Less Overeating – Avoid high calories food and low nutritional food for your children.
  • Participate in Physical Activities – Encourage your children to participate in physical activities rather than engaging themselves in entertaining activities that result in overweight condition in childhood which may also follow during adulthood.

Help your child

Parents have to play active role in ensuring that their child does not become overweight.

  • Never neglect overweight child. If you accept your child the way he is, the chances are more that the child will accept the condition and feel good about them.
  • Never ignore you child. Let his express his feelings about his overweight condition. They can assess their overweight condition better than anybody else.
  • Help your child loose overweight.

Most Effective option to get rid of Child Obesity

One of the most effective methods of treating and preventing child obesity for the parents is to encourage their child for engaging in physical activities

  • Encourage your child to participate in sports activities like, cricket basketball, dance or gymnastics and many more
  • Give time to your child to do active tasks like vacuuming, watering plants, making beds etc Also plan active outings like visit to zoo or walking through parks

Children are first-rate learners and pick up quickly what they see. You must project yourself as a role model by adhering to healthy eating habits and regular physical activities. They will surely follow you.