Chest Pain – Angina and Heart Attack

If you feel discomfort, pressure, squeezing or unpleasant sensation and pain in your chest area, it may be angina pain or some kind of heart disease pain. Angina pain in not a disease itself while its a sign of any type of heart related problems.

Heart attack or angina are usually occur in chest or surrounding areas. It is commonly mistaken that angina pain occur only in chest, it can also be felt in neck, shoulders, arms, throat, back and jaw areas of your body. Angina is an acute chest pain which lasts about two to five minutes while heart attack pain is chronic pain and it can remain for a longer period.

If you feel the discomfort in chest which comes and goes and not intense, its may be angina and if the pain remain constant and more severe, it must be of heart attack pain or any other heart related disease. Angina pain or heart attack problem are due to shortage of oxygen and blood flow in your coronary arteries while heart does not get sufficient amount of blood and oxygen. Angina pain can start during any activity like walking, jogging, swimming, exercising, going up by stairs or through lifts or having any kind of work. If this happen immediately call for medical help.

During or before angina pain or heart disease pain there are some symptoms or signs you may feel like dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, have extra sweating etc. Chest pain, angina or heart disease normally happen to men over 40 years while women also have chest pain. Almost 7 million peoples in United States are facing angina or chest pain in any part of their lives and in United States the ration between males and females are almost equal.

Heart disease or attack sometimes can comes to you without any kind of chest pain or other symptoms, It can discover with ECG test, its called silent heart attack. If you diagnosed with angina or heart attack with a simple blood test, it will be easy way for your doctor to treat you according the condition of the while checking the result of the blood test.

If you ignore chest pain or angina pain and do not get proper attention, it may be threatening for you and it can be some major heart disease like coronary heart disease, aortic stenosis etc. So do not take it easy and tackle it with proper medical care.