Chest Congestion Home Remedy


It has been observed that anyone who suffers from a dry cough or cold along with flu can suffer from chest congestion. In this state, the person finds it difficult to breathe due to excess mucus formation in the lungs. So, here are some home remedies to combat chest congestion and help you breathe easier.

Steam in considered to be quite effective in relieving chest congestion. All you need to do is inhale steam for around 10 minutes. You will experience immediate relief. This home remedy helps to loosen the mucus in the respiratory tract so that it drains out faster.

A hot bath or shower is also known to be helpful in fighting chest congestion. It is quite similar to steam inhalation as the steam during the bath or shower helps to loosen the mucus stuck in the respiratory tract.

Eucalyptus oils helps immensely, especially if the congestion is due to acute bronchitis. When doing steam inhalation, add around 3 to 4 drops of the oil into the water. It will soothe the sores throat muscles and help to make breathing easier.

Ginger is also quite effective, especially if the congestion is quite bad. In order to take ginger, boil some water, add around two pieces of fresh ginger and then add tea leaves. Allow the concoction to brew like normal tea, strain and drink.

Although it may sound strange, but spicy food is known to help with chest congestion. In order to loosen the mucus stuck in the respiratory tract, try eating food that has chili, black pepper or jalapeƱos.

Gargling with hot water laced with honey and lemon is also known to relieve the symptoms of chest congestion. You can also drink this concoction to get the same effect.

Besides all the above home remedies, it is also advisable to increase your fluid intake. Drink around 10 glasses of water and fresh fruit juice to get rid of the mucus.