Chest Congestion and Cough: Some Common Causes

Mucus and fluids that are not well expelled from the body system lead to chest filling up hence chest congestion and coughing. The cough accompanying the congestion is what helps doctors make a diagnosis in knowing the cause. Most people think that cold is the only cause of chest congestion but there are several things that can cause this condition.

Causes of chest congestion and cough

Allergy: This is one of the common chest congestion causes and is caused by varying airborne products. Those with allergic reactions towards such products end up experiencing congestion, cough, and rash. These symptoms are common in people who are allergic to mold, smoke, and dust and pollen.

Cold and flu: Chest congestion and cough can also be caused by common cold and flu which is a viral infection. The two have similar symptoms which include cough, sore throat, runny nose as well as cough and chest congestion. Both cases can be mild of serious.

Asthma: This chronic respiratory condition causes narrowing of airways due to an allergic reaction or cold air hence causing congestion in their chest, cough and wheezing. Bronchitis is another culprit of this problem and can be serious if left untreated. Bronchitis is a bacterial or viral disease that is characterized by bronchi inflammation.

Pneumonia: Another cause of chest congestion and cough is pneumonia which is a respiratory disease. This is caused by lung inflammation that can be as a result of bacteria, parasites and viruses and is very contagious is untreated.

Chest congestion and cough remedies/treatment

Chest congestion can be taken care of by treating the medical conditions above through medications such as antibiotics in the case of bacterial diseases. Other drugs are effective in treating all the conditions and although asthma has no cure, it can be taken care of using sprays or medications that relieve the symptoms.

Drinking lots of fluids loosens the congestions by dealing with the mucus filling up the chest. Hot drinks such as tea and chicken soup are also a good home remedy of taking care of congestion in the chest and cough. It is also essential to keep off allergens which cause allergic reactions and also sleeping in a way that the head is elevated so that breathing can be easy. These home remedies can be very helpful in keeping the doctor away as well as the drugs and medications meant to treat the medical conditions.

If you have been experiencing chest problems and you didn’t know what was causing it, now you know. If the home remedy does not work for you, it means that you have to consult the services of a doctor so that the correct diagnosis maybe done and the right treatment offered. Chest congestion should not be left untreated as it may cause severe damages and the difficulty in breathing can be life threatening at some stages. A cough that seems to persist should also be given medical attention just to be sure that it is nothing serious.