Chemotherapy For Cancer – Does it Make Sense?

This lady came to seek our advice regarding her husband's liver cancer. Listen to our conversation.

Lady: If he does not take chemotherapy – it will be three to four months to live.

Chris: If he takes chemo?
L: Double the time, six to eight months to live.

C: But the cancer can not be cured?
L: Can not. The doctor said that patients who take this chemo have only fifteen to twenty percent chance of success. I do not know why the doctor still asked us to do this. I do not know why. My husband is very old already and he is weak.

C: One hundred people and only fifteen to twenty people are successful? Successful means what?
L: To live for six to eight months but can not cure.

C: Can not cure?
L: Can not.

C: Successful means he is able to live for six to eight months?
L: Yes, and that means he lives longer.

C: By two times only?
L: I really do not know why he was asked to undergo chemo? It makes the patient really suffer.

C: Just to live for six to eight months! How many times of chemo would he receive?
L: Three weeks once and then after two sessions, he will have to go for a CT scan and check to see if he can still do the chemo or not. If there is no response or if he can not do, the treatment is stopped. If can do, he will continue with the chemo for half a year.

C: Actually, you go to the hospital for six months and you live longer by six months – what do you end up with?
L: That's why – I do not know why. I do not understand the logic.

C: How much does it cost you?
L: I never ask, but it is not going to be cheap – certainly not cheap.

C: You never ask?
L: No, we decided not to do the chemo.

C: Did the doctor tell you, if the patient will suffer with chemo?
L: Yes, we asked him. He will vomit, hair drop …

C: Hair drop – never mind, that's nothing.
L: But one thing, the doctor said if you do chemo the patient he will feel more comfortable. I really can not understand this.

C: Oh, he said there are patients who feel more comfortable after receiving chemo?
L: After the first chemo, the patient will suffer a lot. I have so many question marks here (pointing at various points on her head).

C: Yes, they call it quality of life. Chemo is provided to make the quality of life better.
L: I really can not understand.

C: Actually chemo can not help.
L: Ya, it can not cure my husband's cancer. We ask whether it can be cured or not. The doctor said can not cure. It can not be cured and yet he still wanted us to do the chemo. Do not know why, er?