Check That Heart Rate

A Timex heart rate monitor will help you to keep your workout in tune with your heart beats. They are known to be durable, accurate and stylish. In addition, they are an affordable asset to add to anyone’s arsenal of health tools. A Timex heart monitor uses a wireless connection that goes from a chest band to a wrist unit. It will keep you tuned to your average heart rate and ascertain if you are in your proper age appropriate zone. If you are not, the monitor will let you know by sounding an alarm. Timex offers a variety of heart rate monitors from which to choose with a range of prices depending on the features that are most important to you.

Marathon Pulse Timex Heart Monitor

This monitor comes in several different colors (black, blue, pink and black). It is easy to read and comfortable. It has an Indiglo night light, a pulse calculator, an alarm, a stop watch feature and twelve preset timers. It is easy to program and is water resistant. It is priced at approximately forty dollars.

Ironman Easy Trainer Timex Heart Monitor

This monitor will help you to track your intensity and meet your weight loss goals. It includes a large digital display, an analog heart rate sensor, a workout review and an automatic activity timer. It is a nice looking silver and grey monitor that is very easy to use and priced at approximately fifty dollars.

Zone Trainer Digital Timex Rate Monitor

This is a smart looking monitor that will not lose its signal no matter where you wear it (many soldiers have used this model). It will track your heart rate, make sure you are staying in your zone and it will keep track of the calories you have burned. It also includes a recovery feature that monitors your heart rate drop after you are finished working out. It is priced at about one hundred dollars.

Ironman Race Trainer Timex Monitor

This model offers multiple settings. You can set this monitor up according to your needs and it is very easy to navigate. It includes a ten minute workout memory and five internal timers with individual heart rate target zones. It is priced at approximately one hundred fifty dollars. You can purchase this model by itself or purchase it to include a kit that adds even more functions. You can customize heart rate monitor and watch settings, upload workouts directly to your personal computer and there is also training and nutrition software included. Purchasing both the monitor and the kit costs approximately two hundred and twenty dollars.

There are several other models of Timex heart monitors from which to choose and you really cannot go wrong with any of them. Timex is a name that can be trusted and the company works hard to keep its customers happy. There are many benefits to monitoring your heart rate during exercise and a Timex heart rate monitor offers features that will help you to attain those benefits at an affordable price.