Check Out This Raw Natural Honey


Thanks to the honey bee, nature provides us with raw natural honey, one of the world's most perfect substances. We all know it's naturally good for the body, both as a superfood and as an additive to so many cosmetic products. It's so versatile, from being a perfect sugar substitute in tea, to being a main ingredient in so many lotions and shampoos. So what is it about this natural, earthy nectar that actually promotes our good health? The reasons are almost too numerous to mention, but here are some of the most important facts to ponder and appreciate.

Raw Natural Honey is a natural anti-oxidant

First and foremost, honey has a built-in, carcinogen-preventing formulation. It's loaded with flavonoids, a plant substance that is a natural anti-oxidant and a proven free-radical fighter. When bees visit a flower, they transfer flavonoids into the honey we consume. So honey in essence helps the human body attack and remove free radicals, improving our body's immunity to disease, including cancer and heart disease. Honey does not cure, but it does help with prevention. Hang on, I'm going to put some honey on my toast right now!

Raw Natural Honey is anti-bacterial

Second, honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent. There is a natural enzyme in honey called glucose oxidase. This is the enzyme that helps our bodies form hydrogen peroxide. When honey is used in dressing a wound, honey stimulates the natural production of hydrogen peroxide, thereby helping the body kill off bacteria around the wound. This is why a small amount of honey dabbed on skin rashes, burns or abrasions helps the body heal itself.

Raw Natural Honey is the perfect natural carb

Third, honey will increase your athletic performance. Nothing gets the body energized faster than carbs, and glucose is the carb that'll get you there. Since honey is a natural glucose, many pro athletes use it instead of processed sugar. On a personal note, I used to compete in raquetball tournaments. Nothing energized me more that peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat. Do this two hours before your sporting event, and you'll have energy galore.

Raw Natural Honey soothes cough and throat irritation

Fourth, honey helps with cough and throat irritation. Remember the natural anti-bacterial qualities of this bee nectar? Combine that quality with the soothing consistency of honey, and it makes for a powerful aid in combating sore throats and coughs. For best results, use raw natural honey in your favorite tea, and drink this pot as hot as you can stand it.

Here's just a few more little interesting facts. Did you know that honey is a natural skin moisturizer? A small amount of raw natural honey spread lightly over your skin makes it baby soft, because honey is a natural moisturizer. Did you know you can wash with it? Allergies and facial blemishes have been known to clear up quickly when using honey as a cleaning agent. This is why you find honey in so many organic soaps … it works. Honey is used in shampoos for the same reason, because it is just so naturally good for your skin.

Amazing Benefits of Raw Natural Honey

There are dozens more benefits that could be listed here, but suffice it to say that honey is an amazing, natural substance. Next time you see a honey bee, treat him with respect, because he's busy creating a gift of healing, taste, and powerful earthy forces that frankly, we do not yet quite completely comprehend. And while our research labs keep studying honey for all of its beneficial properties, we do know enough to appreciate it for the many gifts it has to offer today. Do yourself a favor, and make raw natural honey a daily part of your life. The benefits to you will be too numerous to count.