Chasing Symptoms

Chasing Symptoms:

All of medical science is based on acute care not chronic care or long term issues. Under these circumstances it is good to chase a symptom to find what needs to be done to save a person’s life. Specific tests must be done to see where the human body systems are to make good decisions as to what must be done to save a life. These are all very good things to get all current symptoms under control.

On the other hand, chronic care is a whole different ball game. There may be many symptoms the body is displaying because there are a number of cell groups damaged that are causing the symptoms. You may have several systems that are not one hundred percent of God’s normal. There is of course man’s normal for the human body and there is God’s creation of the human body or God’s normal. If you only believe in man’s normal, how well has that worked out for you on chasing symptoms?

If you have ever taken any prescription medication, you will have found out that the medication sometimes will create more symptoms than the one you were trying to control. This is because medication is not recognized as natural or positive food to repair cells that are causing the symptoms. Man’s science has proven that everything on earth vibrates. Negative vibrations that hurt man and positive that feed man. That is because it is created to do so; created by the creator. All of the food on earth was created to nourish the human body and to give real medicine to heal it. Real medicine is God created without man having added or taken away anything from His creation. We need only God’s natural nutrients to supply vitamins and minerals to the body for maintaining and for prevention as they keep the immune system working in top shape to fight off all natural infestations that come against the human body. We need only God created natural positive vibrations to heal, not manmade negative frequencies.

So when the body gets any negative frequencies, either manmade or God created, not intended for food or medicine, it will create a negative reaction in the human body or can even kill you. For food to be healthy for us, it has to be God created only, having no man-made frequencies added such as genetically modified food. All food and water were created to give us positive energy to heal and grow. Much of our water and food today require the body to use more energy to process the negative frequencies than it gives us as God intended. And we wonder why we are getting sicker and staying sicker longer?

Medical Definition of symptom: subjective evidence of disease or physical disturbance observed by the patient ; broadly: something that indicates the presence of a physical disorder.

What does subjective mean, defined, relating to or being experience or knowledge as conditioned by personal mental characteristics or states. This is the problem with man’s view of science, it is a man’s view, or standard set by a man and man’s designed testing systems. Symptoms is a view of the examiner, or their personal belief.

Symptoms are just sign posts directing you somewhere else, but if our standard is man and his knowledge and judgements, it can be very distorted and usually will be a dog chasing his tail. If our standard of judging something is God’s normal or His creation systems, we have a much better chance of seeing where the symptom is taking us.

A Rolls-Royce is a very sophisticated and a complicated car, yet has been proven to be a very reliable well-made mode of transportation. Not perfect, because it is made by man. If I own one, after spending a lot of money on buying it, I probably want to take it to a Rolls-Royce mechanic only, to a person that the Rolls-Royce company has trained. The local one stall auto repair shop down the street probably has never seen a Rolls-Royce or studied one. He still might be able to figure the problem out but may do more damage to the car in doing so.

God is the creator of all, He is the one that designed and made man from dirt. A creation that was supposed to last for approximately one hundred and twenty years without a dim eye or sick day. Deuteronomy 34:7 Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died. His eyes were not dim nor his natural vigor diminished. (NKJV)

Maybe we ought to take a clue from this and take our body made perfect by God to a person who has studied all things in God’s creation from His Word and nature and the earth’s nature that He created. The human body was made perfect by a perfect God, not like a man made Rolls-Royce. Some people will say immediately that if the body was made perfect, then why is it so messed up? Could it be because man has messed up the human body in the name of greed and power?