Characteristics of a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet involves eating foods that are good for you. It does not mean that you have
to eat foods you do not like or special health foods that can be quite expensive. What is
does mean is that you should be careful of the oils and fat in the foods. Having a diet that
is healthy does not necessarily mean that you are losing weight either. It simply means
you are eating foods that are good for your heart and your body.

Fast food, for example, is loaded with saturated fats. While it may be impossible for you
to cut this out of your diet all together, there are ways you can minimize the effect that it
can have on your body. When you dine at a restaurant, try to choose foods that are baked
rather than fried. This means replacing French Fries with mashed potato, for example.

While it is healthy to drink milk every day and the food guide tells you that you should,
take a look at the milk you drink. Instead of using whole milk, use 2%, skim milk or fat-
free milk. Try to avoid foods that are high in sodium, as these foods will cause you to
retain water. They can also be harmful in causing high blood pressure. Adults should
consume less than 2300 mg. of sodium per day.

Processed foods, while they are quick and easy, are loaded with trans fats. Read the label
to see whether the food contains hydrogenated vegetable oil. This is not good for your
heart. Drinking too many soft drinks, even if they are diet drinks, is not a healthy
practice. Your diet should include fruit juice and water, rather than soda pop.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk food for snacks. Some fruits and
vegetables help you lose weight but still feel full. They have negative calories, which
means that you body has to burn calories to digest them. Eating healthy may mean that
you have to change the way you plan your meals and the time of day that you eat.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and eating a good breakfast could make
the difference in you eating foods that are unhealthy when you get hungry and are in a