Cervical Spine MRI

Cervical pain can be caused as a result of maintaining poor body postures or due to dislocations or fractures of the neck joints. For analyzing the real reason behind the disorders, physicians may advise patients to take a cervical spine MRI. It is a procedure adopted to make an accurate assessment about the condition of the cervical spine.

A Noninvasive Procedure with Several Benefits

Cervical spine MRI is a noninvasive method used in evaluating the disorders of the cervical spine, especially for patients who are in pain. The main advantage of using MRI technique is that it can create better images of the soft tissues than conventional X-rays. This enables the doctor to distinguish the healthy and strong tissues from the ailing and weak ones. With an MRI of the spine, you can receive detailed images of the structure of the vertebrae that constitute the spine, the spaces between the vertebrae through which the nerves pass and also the disks. From these images, physicians can make a proper assessment about the disorder, its intensity and suggest potential treatment procedures.

MRI Process

The entire scanning process is carried out with the assistance of magnetic fields, radio waves and a computer. While undergoing the scanning process, the patient should not wear jewelry, hairpins, or watches as these can cause variations to the image, due to the presence of magnetic fields. In addition, those patients who have pacemakers or any other metal inserts in their bodies are not advised to undergo this procedure. It is also necessary that the patient must remain in a stable position during the scanning process, because even minute movements can cause variations in the scanning results.

After the scanning process, the patient can carry out his or her normal activities. Mild sedatives are given to those patients who have anxiety and claustrophobia, in order to make them stable throughout the imaging process. Cervical spine MRI is a painless procedure without any side effects and is also free from any harmful radiation.