Certified Nurses Assistant Course


If you are looking out for a change or pursuit a career in medicine there are numerous ways to become a certified nurse assistant and start your career right away. There are a number of ways by which one can become a certified nurse assistant and this includes free training also. Free training is provided by some organizations but then they will have some conditions attached to it like you might have to serve for the hospital they specify for a few years once you complete the training. However, very few hospitals provide such free training.

In the certified nurse assistant course you will be intensely involved in patient-care; you have to make sure that the needs of the patients who are sick and injured are met. You can start working as a certified nursing assistant in a very short period of time. The basic qualification should be high school diploma where you can complete a 6-12 weeks program to get the certified nurse assistant certificate. However the duration of the training class may vary from place to place. The Red Cross certified nurse assistant course is a reputable one.

There will be classroom session also in the course. The classroom sessions would include basic nursing skills, physiology, anatomy, infection control and nutrition. You also tend to get plenty of hands on experience. A registered nurse takes the classes. At the end of the training session, a test will be delivered to decide competency. This test will consist of two parts, clinical and written. The written test will consist of basic care giving questions, all of it would have been covered during the classes. The clinical test will consist of performing five nursing duties under the supervision of a person. The person will be a highly qualified person. The duties that you might be asked to do can be anything from weighing a patient to giving a bedpan. The vital thing is you have to be patient during the test. Some people check even minute things like whether you wash your hands or clean things properly.

Regulations for the certification vary from institute to institute. Normally exams are conducted based on which the certification is given. Once you clear the exam you become a certified nurse assistant. As an entry level person the salary you can demand can vary. Experience and the place of employment play a major role in deciding your salary.

As a certified nurse assistant you can work with hospitals, nursing homes or private homes, assisted living facilities or mental health facilities. Job prospect for a certified nurse assistant is ever increasing and in great demand as the number of aged people who need to be taken care of is increasing. People these days prefer in house treatment as they feel it is more comfortable, which means there are several opportunities if you are ready work for private homes.

To be a successful certified nurse assistant you have to be patient, compassionate, in essence a people person.