Cerebral Palsy Spastic Medical Condition – Variate Of Stages Of Cerebral Palsy

What’s cerebral palsy condition?

It’s a devastating experience for many fogeys when they hear from their doctors that their child has been diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. This one disorder confuses not only fogeys but also doctors and that s why most doctors take a long time to diagnose this health condition. After a comprehensive testing, the surgeon should be in a position to tell the parents what kind of the disorder is affecting the kid.

Brain development in a baby starts right from the time of pregnancy until the time they reach three, and depending on the damage which has occurred in their brains, babies can be classified as having different sorts of palsy. There are many types of cerebral palsy and spastic cerebral palsy is the commonest type found in several children.

Fogeys should remember that cerebral palsy is not a progressive disorder that’s it does not worsen as one ages. When a child has been diagnosed as having spastic cerebral palsy, it means that your child has stiff muscles, which tend to become tight too. They show extraordinary resistance when they’re stretched. In standard folk, muscles have a tendency to work in pairs. When one muscle group begins to contract, the other group starts to relax and this gives us free movement in our limbs. But in spastic palsy, the spastic muscles become active at the same time and this inhibits movement and this muscled war between the two groups is known as co-contraction.

There are three types of spastic cerebral palsy and they’re spastic diplegia, spastic hemiplegia and spastic quadriplegia. When a child is diagnosed as having spastic diplegia then the child finds that their hip and leg muscles are tight and their legs are crossed at the knees thus making it very difficult for the kid to walk.

In spastic quadriplegia, which is the most grim of the three a kid who is influenced by this disorder will be mentally, retarded as well as having their limbs also influenced. Not merely will the child experience episodes it also will be difficult for the kid to speak, eat and move without trouble.

Spastic cerebral palsy can be treated with the help of care, medications and even surgery. Children with this disorder would do well to learn music and dance therapy, yoga, physical treatment so they become better.