Cerebral Palsy Settlement – Possible Financial Assistance For Your Cerebral Palsy Child

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affects the person’s muscle tone, body movement, and motor skills. This condition is usually caused by brain damage that occurs before, during, and after child birth – during the first 3 to 5 years of a child’s life. The disorder is non-progressive and non-curable; but with special equipment, therapy, and treatment methods the conditions may be improved. In some rare cases, surgery can also correct the damage or injury in the brain. People who are living with cerebral palsy can have problems in walking, talking, and performing even the simplest body movement.

Every year, about 2 out of every 1000 children are born with cerebral palsy. As one of the most common congenital disorders of childhood – and even while in gestation and delivery period, these cases have exceeded 500,000 in the United States. And most of these cases are caused by medical mistakes made during pregnancy and child delivery.

The consequences are a growing number of medical lawsuits brought against health care providers (doctors, midwives, nurses, hospitals) and hundreds of families awarded with cerebral palsy settlements. The results from any wrongdoing done to patients by medical professionals are often irreversible but some form of compensation may help ease the burden and suffering that often come with any medical errors.

A large number of malpractice cases that involves cerebral palsy are caused by human errors; however, the lack of malicious intent will not excuse the health care provider(s) who committed medical negligence. No infant or parent should suffer from the honest mistakes of everyone responsible on taking care of them.

Infants may be susceptible to cerebral palsy during these instances:

The mother had an infection during the pregnancy period.

During child delivery, the fetus suffered from lack of oxygen for a long period of time.

A disease in the bloodstream was not detected, treated, and monitored properly.

The baby was premature.

If any of these situations had happened to you or to someone you love, you must talk to a medical lawyer. It is very important for you to file a medical lawsuit as soon as possible, or right after your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The medical lawyer will help you fight for your legal rights and seek financial assistance, through a settlement, for your child’s future as someone who will live with cerebral palsy for life.