Cerebral Palsy; Life with Cerebral Palsy

“Definition of Cerebral Palsy: This is a disorder of movement and posture which is apparent in the early years. It is due to damage or failure in development of the part of the brain concerned with movement. Adjacent parts of the brain may also be injured and this may lead to poor sight, deafness or other perceptual difficulties. Children with cerebral palsy may also have learning difficulties. Impairment resulting from cerebral palsy may be very slight or very severe”.

What will you feel if one of your family members is showing the symptoms of cerebral palsy? Will you be in panic? Or rush off to grab a book to read more information about the condition in which babies are typically affected? It is very important to learn about the symptoms of cerebral palsy and its effects to the life of a person that suffers from it.

It is also important to let those people feel the love and care of their love ones. What is really Cerebral palsy? And how can these conditions affects or change the life of a person?

Cerebral palsy is a condition in which the patient is having an impaired control movement or involuntarily movement of the body. This condition is caused by the damage of the motor areas of the brain that disrupts the brain’s ability to control movement and posture. This only means, that people with cerebral palsy encounter much difficulty in maintaining balance or posture in walking.

Some patients have difficulty in controlling the muscles of the body. It doesn’t mean that when a person has a cerebral palsy, their symptoms must be the same with other patients having the same conditions. There are lot of symptoms that can be seen in them.

Children or even adults with cerebral palsy will have a great effect in leading a normal life. They can no longer live their life like everyone else. They cannot write, walk, run, or even go to the school together with their friends but they can go to a special school designed for special people like them.

Loving and caring is the most important aspects for them to be able to survive and continuously live with their love ones. Let them feel that they are important, that they have an important role to lead and play in the society. Give them hope, a chance to live better. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Treating cerebral palsy may be a lifetime battle, but it is all well worth it.